All About B.A.S.S

We believe in quality over quantity,
But why not have both?

Why Funktion One?

Music is one of life’s greatest gifts. When a DJ plays a track, sound waves pump through the room vibrating ear drums, setting the mood for a night of dancing and connection. When a track is played through a professional sound system such as a FunKtionOne, the output is experienced with the depth and crispness that the original artist intended. Within this audio perfection, patrons lose themselves on the dance floor and become completely emerged in the music, succumbing to the rhythm as they dance along with the beat. Creating this experience for a room full of people is one of the most rewarding feelings to have while on the job. That’s why Funktion One.

Meet the Staff



With a 12 year resume in Live Audio Engineering, his passion lies in curating and dialing in the audio experience for a room full of patrons. Having the experience, education, and technical abilities of what it takes to put together an evening of live music has allowed him the ability to be a multifaceted jack of all of all trades and step out on to his own adventure; B.A.S.S. Usually found back of house for any and all major shows as he prefers to nerd out and talk shop/tech with the professionals in the FOH booth, over being on the stage spinning records trying to be a rockstar. His personal investment in the company is the basics that make any business thrive: Be professional, be punctual, be honest and listen to the needs of those seeking your help.

Cody Baker

Web Admin / Future Visionary

Considered the coding wizard of the entire Bay Area, Cody lends his technical mastery of computer science to the evolution of BASS. His vision and direction helps the company grow at ever expanding rate and is incorporated into every aspect; making him an essential part of the team from the board room to stacking speakers on site. Cody can often be found amongst the music industry leaders talking shop and future plans, but also keeps the room illuminated with his upbeat personality and keen ability on how to keep the evening flowing with good times and conversation. On his off days you can find him in the mountains of Clear Lake bombing around on dirt bikes and chilling lake side to escape from the city life.

Joanna “Bean” Zobjeck

Co Founder / Artistic Director

With a formal background in the fine arts and design, I have always been drawn to the art, performance, and entertainment industries. Music has been a powerful muse for me since I can remember, inspiring countless artistic productions. It’s fascinating how it can alter a mood or bring forth unworldly visions! When I’m not hard at work, I can be found spinning fire with friends, chilling with my cat, reading a good book, or planning my next travel adventure.

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